DIVORCE: “Been there, done that”

Mr. Lunceford stands head and shoulders above most other divorce lawyers when it comes to experience in the area of Divorce and Modifications of custody.

Trials and Hearings

Mr. Lunceford has handled over 100 Divorce and Modification of Custody/visitation trials and hearings. He has handled scores of adult abuse, restraining order, or ex parte hearings, protecting those that have been abused and those that have been falsely accused of abuse. Mr. Lunceford has been effective in all kinds of situations:

  • A mother trying to take the children to California to live with a new husband, when dad was an active participant in their life in Liberty, MO. After a hotly contested trial, the kids were prevented from relocating to CA by a Clay County, Mo ruling.
  • A Cass County, Mo mother was seeking maintenance and child support after a 20 plus year marriage, when she was basically a stay at home mother who had given up her career aspirations to be devoted to the kids, who were now grown up. The court ruling provided maintenance, attorney’s fees and child support.
  • A father trying to protect his daughter when mother’s new boyfriend had been previously charged with sexual deviance with a crime. The Jackson County, MO judge switched custody from the mother to the father.
  • A wife filed an ex parte against her husband, ordering him out of the house and trying to obtain a ruling that the father could only have supervised visitation with his very young son. The court, after a hearing, dismissed the Ex Parte ruling against the husband.
  • There have also been dozens and dozens of times when the opposing lawyer and I have worked things out when at the beginning, everything seemed hopeless, each side fighting for custody and arguing in front of the kids.

Divorce is a Complicated Process

It is much easier to get married than it is to get divorced. I have many clients who come to me thinking that they have everything worked out, but when I start asking them about child support, visitation, division of the equity in the house, or the retirement plans, or even division of the bills, they find that they haven’t even begun to discuss these important issues. Mr. Lunceford can help you find a workable solution for what seems like an impossible task.

You get what you pay for

Mr. Lunceford has 19 years of experience, gained through the sweat and blood of nasty trials and knock down drag out fights. Whether you have assets to protect, or it is in the children’s best interest that they use your address for mailing or school purposes, or if you need help with other domestic issues, you get what you pay for when it comes to attorneys. It matters who you have in your corner.

Personal Experience

Mr. Lunceford has been through the divorce process personally and have had to negotiate the troubled waters of emotions and egos to put his children’s best interest first. Over the years, Mr. Lunceford has built a working relationship that, not perfect, allows his children to feel secure, loved and listened to, yet provides both parents with decision making authority and input in his children’s life.

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